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sell, and succeed in your
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EQuipt has developed a breakthrough system that provides your team with the proven tools to listen in a transformative way…truly empathize, detect the unstated needs of others, and uncover business and personal insights. This shift from traditional attentive listening to transformative listening will forever pivot the conversation allowing your team to lead, sell, and negotiate more successfully.

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EQuipt transforms how people and organizations listen to their customers, prospects, key stakeholders, and each other to positively impact their bottom line. Transformational listening will enable your team to uncover underlying problems, gain trust, earn credibility, and consistently provide smarter solutions.


Listening is universally recognized as one of the most critical business skills. Unfortunately, it remains a skill that is assumed, rather than learned or taught. The inability to empathetically listen and uncover the real needs of others is no one’s fault. We blame the listener while we spend the majority of resources training our leaders and employees how to speak, be knowledgeable and tell. Failing to listen is merely the result of not being taught HOW to do so in a simple, yet transformative way. Clearly understanding expectations, delivering smarter insights, and driving greater value all hinge on your team’s ability to do one fundamental thing…listen differently.

Why Transformational Listening is Important to Business

Transformational Listening is a breakthrough approach that goes far beyond traditional, attentive listening. Attentive listening focuses on “attending” to the teller differently, telling the listener what to do, but not HOW to do it. The human brain is the enemy of our ability to listen. The attentive listener is essentially “white knuckling” as they fight their subconscious brain to stay present during a conversation. This internal struggle leads to missing both the message and the messenger causing conflict, misalignment and missed opportunities. The Listening Path™ provides the critical tools needed to calm the listener’s subconscious brain so they can not only attend, but hear both what is and what is not being said. This shift from attentive listening to transformational listening will enable your team to uncover underlying problems, gain trust, earn credibility, and consistently provide smarter solutions, forever changing the conversation.

Managers and employees spend at least 40% while executives spend up to 80% of their workdays listening to assess information, gain new insight, and make decisions. However, only 2% of people have had any listening training or been taught how to probe for a deeper understanding.

What is it costing you NOT to listen?

Business is tied together by systems of communication. Communication effectiveness hinges not on how people talk, but how they listen and understand. The problem is that, on average, people retain only 17-25% of what they hear. What other project, initiative, and/or skill would a mere 20% achievement be considered a success? Have you considered that not knowing HOW to listen is causing a significant impact on your organization? We believe your costs go well beyond losing direct revenues and are the silent epidemic.

Here’s what some of our clients have noted it is costing them NOT to listen:
  • Lost revenue and sales
  • Sub-optimal solutions
  • Employee engagement
  • Mistakes
  • Increased costs
  • Lower employee morale
  • Duplicated work
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Ineffective meetings
  • Misalignment
  • Decreased productivity
  • Conflicts

Business Outcomes with
Better Listening

When employees and leaders harness the power of transformational listening they take on a positive attitude, deal more effectively with others, make more objective decisions, and are better able to navigate their environment. Collaborative workforces that are flexible, courteous, and teachable are more engaged and productive, and less defensive. Avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts, fully considering others’ agendas before forming an opinion, and breaking down barriers to communication are transformational soft skills that convert into business insights. This information is vital to profitability, the quality of services delivered, and satisfaction levels for both employees and customers.

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Reduction in Sales Cycle on Average


Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

Client Hero Stories


After going through the Listening Path™ workshop, my only agenda now is to understand my customer, and I let the customer do most of the talking. I can qualify, build trust, and accelerate the sales cycle.


Christine allowed the ‘tough-shelled’ IT leaders to branch out and connect with each other at the event in a completely different way. In my 15 years of working in events, I never saw what she was able to accomplish.


After participating in the listening Path workshop and applying the framework, we knew how to get the customer’s story first and understanding how they needed to be sold. It was game changing.

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