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Christine Miles

Christine Miles

Listening Guru To simplify, my passion, my one word is UNDERSTANDING, because I believe it’s the greatest differentiator to success.


Christine Miles, CEO and founder of EQuipt, has been serving organizations for three decades by helping apply the human skills to drive results and build a culture of empathy. The ability to understand is the key to success. Christine learned early in life from her mother’s adversity that everyone has a story. That grew into a passion to understand people. Her father, an entrepreneur, instilled in her the love of business. Christine received her M.S. Ed. in psychological services from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of The Art of the Nudge: Unlocking Your Hidden Potential, is a speaker, a radio show host on Executive Leader’s Radio, and the creator of the Listening Path™, a game changing approach to understanding and empathy.


I grew up in rural Hershey, Pennsylvania, the youngest of two. My father was an entrepreneur who started his own financial planning firm when I was 5. This instilled in me the love of business. On the outside, my mother was a kind, funny, and charismatic woman. However, what people did not see was that she suffered from psychological issues, including depression and anxiety.

From a young age, I was acutely aware that she had a lot of pain beneath the surface, beyond what people saw. I learned to pay attention to emotional cues, listen differently, and truly understand and empathize with her pain and with the pain of others. These unique abilities became second nature for me. In my early teens, I realized that my rare emotional abilities transformed how I succeeded. I was able to overachieve relative to my competencies because of these intangible skills.

At 18, I knew I wanted to work in the field of psychology to make a difference. My real passion became fulfilled when I focused on applying the principles of psychology to business. I have spent my career applying what I learned from both my mother and my father. I have spent over 30 years helping others achieve by developing their human skills in order to drive personal and business results.

Through my life’s work, I have gained an acute understanding that most people are not taught these critical human skills as I was. I have filled this gap by creating the tools to enable people to learn HOW.