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Kristen Haldeman

Kristen Haldeman

Listening Guru


“The act or process of working the ground, planting seeds, and growing edible plants.” I believe that this process applies to helping people be successful. Understanding the “ground” or the “story” of another person allows me to use the right “seeds” or “words” in order to produce the best “fruit” or “results.

I grew up in rural Hershey, PA where my father works on a farm owned and operated by our family and my mother was a stay at home mom. In my academics, I studied Spanish and Communication Studies to learn about different people and cultures and how to bridge the gap between people with different backgrounds, and because I wanted to learn how to connect with people and meet them where they are at in their own life story.

Then, I began to have an itch for adventure, so I studied abroad in Spain. I realized that the things I was comfortable with were different (think language, culture, family, friends, food, etc). 

It was remembering that the values I had grown up with and the things I learned about people were the same regardless of the culture, the language, the food, and the place that got me through the experience. 

Since then, I’ve been through graduate school and held jobs as a story coach, communication lead, and content writer. Wherever I am, regardless of the role, I approach the task like I learned from growing up in a farming family. I plant seeds, nurture and care for them, paying attention to detail, learning from any mistakes, being present in every moment, and sharing my success with others. I believe that these values are the keys to success. 

Other fun things about me: I am a serious gym-thlete. The key to my heart is local coffee shops. If you have a dog, we are already friends.