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Tarrynn Deavens

Tarrynn Deavens

Listening Guru


In the first 11 years of my life, I moved 12 times; my father worked in finance and the family moved wherever the job dictated he go. I was a quiet child but observed everything, figuring out early how to listen deeply and learn what made each person I encountered unique. By 4th grade, friends would refer to me as their therapist and I loved helping them work through their problems. This led me to study Psychology at Hampton University where I realized that I wanted to be a life coach instead of a therapist. Post-college, I embarked on a practical but unfulfilling insurance career, believing I was too young to be taken seriously as a coach. 

Over time I became unsatisfied and burned out, doing work and living a life that wasn’t true to who I was. One day I helped a new client; she was vibrant, in love with life, and gratified by the work she did. Her lived example reflected that it was time to stop living small and develop my potential. Soon after that encounter I pursued the work I was meant to do, coaching. Eventually, I was connected with Christine through one of my mentors, and I was immediately captivated by her story as well as the EQuipt process, and have been working with the EQuipt team ever since!

Today my word is reflection, and I do for my clients what was done for me and what I’ve been doing since childhood: reflecting each individual’s unique gifts, talents, and potential. My reflection helps clients begin to see themselves expansively; falling in love again with the person they truly are and unlocking their potential to maximize their impact at work and in their personal life. I am eager to embark on the Listening Path with you and reflect your inherent greatness. 

Website: relycoaching.com