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Todd Kieling

Todd Kieling

Listening Guru


Growing up the son of an Air Force pilot, we moved around a lot.  In fact, we moved 9 times before I was 18.  It was truly a remarkable experience, living in places like Italy, Alaska, and England, and seeing the world at such a young age.

Moving to new places every few years required meeting new people and developing new friendships.  At an early age, I learned to connect with many different types of people, young and old.  Using humor and empathy, I developed an appreciation for how connecting with people can really enhance relationships.

Being able to connect with people and understand their needs has served me well throughout my career in sales and business development.  It has also made me a better husband and father.  Seeking to understand, and connecting deeply with people is truly an enriching experience.

I joined EQuipt to help empower others to learn how to effectively listen, and understand how transformative listening can positively impact all aspects of their lives.

Favorite Quote-  “Time flies like the wind, but fruit flies like bananas”

Favorite Things-  Laughter, Travel, Tennis, Reading, Pickleball, Driving my 3 kids crazy