Client Hero Stories

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I used to go into a business meeting not knowing what exactly to say and totally focused on my own agenda and sales pitch.

After going through the Listening Path™ workshop, my only agenda is to understand my customer, and I let the customer do most of the talking. I can qualify, build trust, and accelerate the sales cycle. I now go into meetings without stress or anxiety, and I have a clear path to running the meetings. If people are not willing to open up after we tell our story, it is predictably going to be a rough path to sales, so this is also a great qualification strategy.

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We were prospecting with the largest pulp and paper producer in Alberta, Canada.

I had a virtual meeting scheduled with 15 stakeholders. The virtual environment is even more challenging to facilitate, and I had no idea how to open the meeting. I learned in the EQuipt sales workshop how to tell my personal story of why I do what I do. I was going to be in a room full of male engineers, and I thought they would think it was weird for me to start the meeting by telling my story. I decided to take a leap of faith and opened the meeting with my three-minute story. The reaction was much different than I expected and had ever gotten before. After I finished sharing my story, everyone opened up about what they wanted to get out of the meeting, who they were, and why they cared about their job. I could not believe how open they were with me, and I learned the ROI they needed to deliver, all within the first 30 minutes. This prospect is now a customer, and we are collecting data to put together an official offer.

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Seman Group offers a breakthrough technology that guarantees energy reduction of 7-13%.

When I joined Seman, we were getting little traction with potential prospects, and when we could get their interest, the sales cycle was at least three to six months long. We approached customers with our own agenda and focused on the technology, which led our customers down a rabbit hole of questions and indecision. After participating in the Listening Path™ workshop and applying the framework, we knew how to get the customer’s story first and understood how they needed to be sold. It was game changing. Using the Listening Path approach, we started a conversation with a Fortune 50 company in the mid-Atlantic region. Because of the utilizing the Listening Path approach, we were able to compress the sales cycle from three to six months to three weeks. We uncovered the true needs and value from the six key stakeholders confirmed who the key decisions makers were, and created an internal champion who helped us sell internally.

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Christine was our Keynote Speaker and emcee last year in all of the Premier events and changed the game in our events overall.

Christine allowed the ‘tough-shelled’ IT leaders to branch out and connect with each other at the event in a completely different way. In my 15 years of working in events, I never saw what she was able to accomplish. -Nina Di Francisco, Premier Connects