Law Firms

Law Firms

Surprisingly, there are lawyers who still don’t want to face the fact that you can’t build a sustainable career simply by being a great lawyer and delivering outstanding client service. Whether they embrace it or not, most lawyers recognize they are responsible for selling legal services to expand their piece of the pie. However, the gap between knowing that selling is an imperative part of their success and doing something about it continues to be substantial.


  • Undifferentiated

    In a market where there is an abundance of lawyers, all at a pretty high cost, it’s difficult for both law firms and lawyers to stand out from the crowd. Top-tier firms are sought because of their reputation, while most firms are stuck in the battle of how to differentiate themselves from other firms.

  • Overcoming the Stigma of Selling

    Law school does not teach lawyers how to sell or how to overcome their own stigma about selling. Additionally, many firms promote their associates to partner because of their tenure in the firm, without sufficient commitment to help them learn how to win business. They are then disappointed and surprised when new partners fail to meet their required originations.

  • Converting a Warm Network into Business

    Lawyers and practice managers commonly report that lawyers tend to go to marketing events where the primary attendees are other lawyers.  The difficulty for many attorneys is that it doesn’t feel natural to strike up a conversation with people they don’t know, and/or to turn a conversation with someone they don’t know into gaining a new client. The result is that attorneys tend to go where they are already comfortable, leading to poor marketing budget investments and many wasted marketing dollars and lost marketing opportunities.

The EQuipt Solution

We can help attorneys overcome their obstacles to embrace selling as a large part of what makes for a successful lawyer. EQuipt enables your attorneys to sell themselves through developing conversations, connections, and relationships in any setting.  EQuipt’s proven system gives your attorneys the tools to make selling authentic and comfortable.

As a result of the EQuipt workshop, your attorneys will:
  • Attract and retain clients by creating a differentiated experience
  • Become willing/able salesperson without feeling like they are selling
  • Learn how to ask for business
  • Develop a more robust warm network and pipeline
  • Become connectors, cultivators, and thought leaders to market themselves
  • Tell a story about their firm, their clients and themselves to open up their prospect and see the buyer’s vision/journey
  • Learn how to listen to sell
  • Make emotional connections and build trust with potential and current clients
  • Maximize networking opportunities and make meaningful connections

Learn how to listen to gain business and differentiate.

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