Sales Groups

Sales Groups

“Understanding your customer’s pain, problems, needs, and business is paramount to sales success.”

-Nearly every sales leader


Without empathy in sales, a salesperson can’t influence others, and prospects don’t buy from salespeople who don’t understand them. Empathy is an emotional intelligence skill defined as the ability to walk a mile in another person’s shoes. Empathy helps define the problem, aids in defining the solution, maintains bonds throughout the sales cycle, and helps close the sale.  Unfortunately, little attention or sales training focuses on developing this crucial emotional skill.


  • Filtering and Pipeline Qualification

    One of the costliest propositions in sales is a failure to properly filter or qualify your prospects and pipeline. Salespeople get caught up spending an inordinate amount of time and resources selling to a person who doesn’t have the authority or ability to buy. Furthermore, salespeople often focus on prospects that are unwinnable, because they are not understanding their prospect or their prospects’ real needs.

  • Long Sales Cycles

    Understanding and meeting customer needs is key to shortening the sales cycle. Yet many salespeople undervalue understanding and do not know how to see the customer’s point-of-view. This creates an issue as salespeople are often challenged to see things from a customer’s perspective. In a complex B2B sale where there are multiple stakeholders and a lot of competition, that deficiency is extremely detrimental.

  • Lack of Differentiation

    Sales differentiation is a bidirectional relationship between an individual and prospective buyer. This is in contrast to marketing, which is “one-directional.” During the sales process, questions are asked to acquire information from a prospective buyer, and the context of the questions and the response to them directs the conversation between buyer and seller. Not understanding which differentiators resonate with prospects commonly results in prospective buyers feeling disconnected from salespeople.

  • Selling Features and Functions Versus Value

    People do not buy products; they buy results. Unfortunately, and too commonly, salespeople approach potential customers by trying to impress them with technical presentations that highlight features and functions of their product or services, rather than highlighting the value/ROI those products or services deliver. This approach leads to lost opportunities and promotes buyer indecisiveness.

The EQuipt Solution

It was once thought that a salesperson either had empathy skills or they didn’t. The neuroscience has proven that empathy can be developed and learned. However, most emotional skills training misses the mark by focusing on WHAT empathy is, rather than arming salespeople with the tools needed to know HOW to authentically build their empathetic skills.  EQuipt has a proven system that is simple, but not easy.

  • Stop talking and start listening
  • Overcome the pitfalls of selling on technical benefits and solutions
  • Differentiate and be memorable
  • Uncover the key stakeholders’ true needs and motivation to buy
  • Better filter and qualify their prospects, thus shortening the sales cycle
  • Tell a story about their company, products, customers, and themselves to open up their prospect and see the buyer’s vision/journey
  • Create internal champions by the way they connect

Learn how to listen to sell.

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